Zhejiang Zerui Biopharma Co., Ltd., was established in June 2020, is a high-tech company focusing on the industrialization of polypeptide and protein drugs, and its address is located in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. The company has broad prospects for development, and was selected as the "5213" program support project in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou in August 2020.

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With innovative scientific research spirit, Zerui Biopharma follows the industry's innovative technology, adheres to the customer demand-oriented service concept, and strives to develop more efficient biomedical products that benefit the people. In the future, Zerui Biopharma will continue to actively promote multi-party cooperation, strengthen the R&D and promotion system, and strive to become a highly influential company in the biomedical industry and contribute to the cause of human health.